Monday, 6 August 2012

Photo Shoot & Photographic Family Links

After our huge busy skiing week. A friend asked me to take some cute shots of her little princess in her bumblebee outfit! She was adorable, & we had a bit of fun.

  This little shoot got me thinking about where
My love of Photography came from & how it all started.


 I am not a professional, in the sense of what that word means,
 I hold no diploma, ('yet') except for a couple of workshops, One of which was fantastic by
 by Danielle Quamby,
Her work is stunning! Check out her E-book

Personally, I just love to take photographs, have always had an interest in photography, My first camera that was given to me was a little Instamatic 110 remember those? It was hardly the best camera but I was 8 & it was all mine & that's all that mattered then. When I was 12 my parents & Grandparents took me on a fabulous adventure to Disneyland & the whole west coast of the USA plus New york,Canada & Mexico. My mum had promised if I did a good job of my photos with my little Instamatic, She would buy me a Canon sure-shot, I was so excited, I tried to take the best photos I could with the camera I had. I thought I did an alright job although looking at them now they were pretty dodgy. ;-) We got home, got my photos developed, & mum had decided they were good enough & handed me a brand new Canon Sure-shot, (little did I know, but I have a sneaking suspicion she had already bought the camera duty free on our trip)
& of course it was fully AUTO but I was 12!
 It didn't matter though, I was so excited couldn't wait to get started taking pics!
 Then when I was all grown up & had my own money ;-) My first SLR I bought was a Canon 1000fn, O boy I loved that camera. This was my first learning curve in Manual Mode, I loved it!
Now I have a Canon D50 which I am even more in love with :-)

 My family connections to Photography started with My Grandfather, he was the first in our family to have a love of photography, he always sourced the best camera's, Canon was his choice (that tradition has continued in the family, Canon seems to be what we end up buying, even when we look at other brands, still end up coming back to Canon ;-))  When it came to processors of slides, KODAK, was his choice, although back then KODAK was easily accessible anywhere in the world, so that may have something to do with his choice.I remember he had an old Canon, but I am pretty sure before that it was an Olympus. My mum still has them. Then because of my Grandfather, my Mum & my Uncles all were taught by him & knew how to use a camera, & all enjoyed photography, back then NO AUTO settings existed on good quality cameras.

This is a picture of what looks likely to be the French Riviera, My Uncle H, would of taken this photo, but Grandpa has a Camera in his hands, I think hes checking out the Frenchman's  photographic equipment. I could write a book on the adventures of my Nanna & Grandpa, but that would take forever, but I can tell you this, My Grandpa worked for the UN in different parts of the world, & part of his job was to improve the
 Third World's Dairy Industry.
 They were living in ROME, Italy when this pic was taken, They would've toured a bit of Europe within this time, It was probably late 60's.

My first taste of film processing was in Grade 6 at school, we were very fortunate in a Primary School to have a dark room & equipment. I loved it!! I regret not pursuing an outlet that I had begun to fall in love with. In High School I did a little more photography but not a lot.
 I had a friend who had an Enlarger chemicals paper etc, A makeshift bathroom Darkroom In which I used a couple of times in my mid 20's, however I did not continue in my love for Photography &
 My Path of life ended up taking me elsewhere.

Another link to photographers in my family is My brother, who actually does hold a photographic diploma, had a photography business for a very small amount of time when I was a kid, he was about 21, I was about 9 years old. He had a makeshift Darkroom [yes I said Darkroom!!, certainly showing my age now, no Digi Lightroom back then ;-)] set up in the back of our garage, it worked a treat! I was never allowed in there for obvious reasons, however myself being a kid, & kids will be kids, I use to sneak in there when my brother was out, Only when I knew that there was no film hanging or photos, as I figured out if  the door was open, I could go in & of course if he had the proverbial red light on the door, I knew not to enter. I have wondered, why did I want to go into the darkroom, when there wasn't much to look at, I don't know really, I use to love the smell of the photo chemicals
 (I know weird!) I use to just hang out in there & read the labels
 & check out the enlarger & figure out if I could do it.
 My brother gave the photographic bug away & now runs a very successful winery in Berry, N.S.W.
 His wines are beautiful, check them out next time you are driving through the Shoalhaven Coast at
 & tell them his sister sent you! ;-)

Since I am not a professional (although "they" do say once you get paid for a job, you become a professional ;- )) but as such my unprofessional-ism showed up as my battery died after these very few shots I took, & yes, the spare battery was dead also. I was a little unprepared as it was a spare of the moment type of thing, mind you sometimes spare of the
 moment things are the ones that create the best images!
We may just have to arrange another bumblebee shoot & I am way more than happy to do that!!

 So here's some more shots of this little poppet princess

So Until next time Bloggers:

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