Monday, 12 March 2012

Master R & his Nanna, Textiles & Teddy Bear making

Hi ya'll
Finally got a completed project to show you. This time done by Muddle Puddles Master R. & his Nanna. As you know a few of us home schooling mums here at M.P. try to fit in activities that most kids at school would accomplish.

 The past few weeks Master R has been working on TEXTILES with his Nanna. 
Bear making! I think it turned out terrific. Its so good i want to try & make one myself except a no fur one, just one made with material.

 Master R, never chooses to do things by halves, I suggested just a plain easy cut out pattern you can draw up yourself, NO he says, I want to make this just like the ones in the shops.
 lets start with the most difficult not the easiest. OK!

 He chose to do this as he wanted to make it for our lovely friend, who's due to have a new baby boy in about 6 weeks!

So first up, Nanna had a pattern to copy from a New Idea magazine Tonia Todman Teddy Bear Making, He & His Nanna painstakingly up scaled a pattern by graph from the New Idea Magazine but as it turned out we could of just used the pattern that the fur came with. Oh well live & learn.

 Master R cut & Pinned all the patterned pieces making sure he had labelled pieces so we knew which piece to attach to which piece once cut out

 So once all cut, the first to sew together was the head, as well as getting his eyes on.
            Head & eyes completed successfully, He looks a bit odd at the moment with no body.
 Just Keep sewing, sewing, sewing! :-)
All the body bits are connected by following patterns instructions as per G to G
F to F A to A etc etc,  Arms & Legs had turning circles in them so as the arms & legs would move.
Nana embroidered nose & mouth on as well as sewing on his ears.
AND FINALLY we have a Teddy Bear although very flat.
So now we are up to the fun, just keep stuffing!!! almost complete!! 
AND here he is INTRODUCING to you all a TEDDY BEAR named GEORGE 
hand made by Master R & his Nanna!


  1. I think its fantastic that a young master was interested in doing such a great project. And such a cute project too xx

    1. thanks Mrs Owl, We had fun making it, & a lifetime memory spent with his Nanna. ;-)