Thursday, 20 September 2012

Engagement Shoot FUN!

Well heelloooo peoples, So, Ive been a little busy, And yes blogging was left to the side, :-(
 Sorry bloggers!
So whats been happening around here?, Well, I made Miss M a dress Its my first dress that Ive made since I was about 14, & it wasn't for myself.  It turned out well, however silly me I can't find the photographs I took theyre somewhere on this machine, ;-) I do have Instagram ones I could post. Anyway maybe next blog ill get back to that as she would like me to make another Dress now.

After dress was all finalised etc, I then was asked Two weekends ago to "shoot" for an Engagement party & then the following day do an Engagement Photo shoot, I was very nervous about this. The couple & the family wanted me to do it, So very cautiously & nervously I went & did it!

We had so much fun,,, So heres a few sneaky peaks from the shoot!

I have to show you my very personal favourite first! Hasn't Miss B got the most gorgeous Eyes!!


  The pic below, was quite a bit of excitement for me last week as I won the weekend photo challenge 
with it at Ph.Art 

I was running out of light FAST with these last two shots so I had to bump up the ISO unfortunately losing quality, but I still liked them, so here they are......

Well thats it Peoples, until next time Keep on Bloggin' ;-)


  1. beautiful pics! I love the balloon ones especially xx

  2. Lovely!! Love the sunset one and the balloons :) xx

  3. Thanks so much Mrs Owl & SpikeyH, I Love it, when other bloggers can stop by, Thanks heaps! Still learning & trying new things with the camera.
    We had a heap of fun on that day! ;-)