Sunday, 15 April 2012

My three Favourite Girls & their ART

Master R had a lovely weekend staying with my gorgeous & sweet friend, Muddle Puddle Mum.S. & her family who incidentally couldn't be closer to me than a sister if I had one. Her gorgeous girls Miss C.J. & Miss.S. both have their Mothers Arty talent. I adore the way the girls have their own individuality & personality & it is shown in their ART & in each of their living spaces.
  I just had to share with you their gorgeous paintings

I am very privledged to have this beautiful Rose painting to adorn my house by Mum.S. 

Our gorgeous Miss C.J. has just been commissioned to 
paint an Album/CD cover, (which we can not reveal to you just yet)
 we are very proud of her.....

 Here's just a glimpse into the gorgeous & talented Miss C.J's individuality.........

Our Beautiful Miss.S. shes such a cutie, love her & her ART .......

And a little glimpse of our sweet Miss.S & her personality...........

I love these girls they're very close to my heart, I love their talent & their Passion, I am so pleased I was able to share their ART with all of you. 
They would love to paint for you just ask us here at muddle puddle.

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