Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fur, Fur, Fur, Sew, Sew, Sew here there & everywhere

Well, what a busy few weeks of sewing that has been going on around here lately, in between kids getting sick. Admittedly, I have put a few weeks in one BLOG update. First up, Miss M has been asking, asking, asking, "When can I sew something for muddle puddle." "Sure, we can do that" was my response, "What would you like to sew?", "Cushions" she says with a lot of Enthusiasm. I said "Wouldn't you like to make a "bag" or something a little easier. "No" "cushions" 'Ok' I said. I had finally figured out a girl in her class had made cushions also, so perhaps that had something to do with it. Anyway It took us weeks to get around to it. Eventually we did.  So first order of business, a trip to Spotlight, Miss M's favourite part!, She chose the materials she wanted with a little direction of mine to the bargain section. She was quite sure of the patterns she wanted, so we bought our supplies, & headed home.
First lesson for her, measure twice, cut once. She did a magnificent job getting it all straight, ready for sewing. Next up, her second lesson on using the sewing machine. I thought I had photos of her sewing, but I can't seem to find them, woops!. She did a perfect job of sewing the zip (although needed a little help from me, as I even have problems with zips myself) She did an excellent job, and now they take pride of place on her bed. She says she would be thrilled to take orders!

Miss M, Had also made Soy candles with me a few weeks ago & she felt it went very nicely with her blue cushion........
Our next creative genius, was Master T, My lil' entrepreneur. A little while back, we were in our favourite store again, yes Spotlight, & Master T came accross bright & black orange fur, "can we please get this, pppllleeaassee?" I answered with "what for?"  "Can you make me a pencil case?" To me it seemed odd, anyway, I said "you can make it" We went through the same processes as we did with Miss M, mind you Master T had done some sewing previously. So he went on his merry way cutting out & sewing his fur......................................................

He took this creation to school, soon others were asking, "hey can you make me a pink one, can you make me a black & white one" etc etc. Entrepreneur Master T, replied, "Sure, for $12" So of course we headed to Spotlight to find other Fur...........So, soon enough our kitchen table looked like something a Muppet had thrown up on, Fur, Fur, Fur, everywhere!!

I had only taken a couple of pictures with my phone for the end result of Master T's new adventure in Pencil case sales, as he was in such a rush to get them to school, ;-)

Small Furry Friends Pencil case $8
Large Furry Friends pencil case $12
 Mini Make-up/Coin Purse $4


So far hes done an awesome Job, hes saving madly to go on a once in a lifetime trip with his Grandmother to Hawaii, so he would very much welcome orders ;-)

Last, but by no means Least, is our youngest, sweet & sometimes noisy Master J, He very much wanted A, (we'll we've come up with another name due to copyright)
"Bad Boy Blue Bird" ;-) We had blue Fur we had Yellow felt & we had googly eyes.
Hmmmm I wonder what we could make with this , I asked 'Master J' & with a cheeky grin, he knew where I was headed with this. Originally he wanted to do the sewing. Well that lasted less than 5 minutes. He decided he would leave that in my capable hands, with some instruction from him from the sidelines, like he has a different tail to the Red one etc etc etc.
 And Lo & behold there appeared "Bad Boy Blue Bird" in our tree in the backyard in need of much Love & Attention & Lots of Cuddles from Master J!

 Of course, Master T, & myself would be happy to make some more "Bad Boy Birds" If any friends out there would like one or two. They would be at a cost of $20. :-) So until next time Bloggers, Have fun out there in your Creative, Imaginative Lands!


  1. The kids are definitely keeping you busy with all their making! Looking fab (and man, you must have so much patience :-P)xx

    1. Thanks Kel, No, I actually don't have much patience, lol, Just keeps them entertained for a little while, and to coin a phrase from Alice in Wonderland & your talented sister Its just that "We're All Mad here!" , ;-) which keeps all of us entertained. ;-)