Sunday, 24 June 2012

How to make an 'Australian Quilt"

My lovely friend, Ms J, has been a busy beaver. She been Quilting. Her work is beautiful. I have done small Quilts, Cot quilts & the like, but nothing as Advanced as Ms J. She had very kindly invited my family over to share some yummy dinner. The kids had a ball playing with their sweet Budgie named 'Lolly' & their cat, 'Onyx'. Ms J, showed us what she had been working on, & I loved them, inspirational, Would really like to try proper Quilting, I go as far as Squares & that's it. ;-)

Little 'Onyx', keeping warm in amongst the quilting

Almost completed, for Ms J's daughter

Gorgeous Retro/Vintage Themed colours

 'Lolly' The friendliest Budgie

Ms J's work in progress for her mum!

Hope I can share more of Ms J's gorgeous work with y'all in the near future!

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