Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Welcome to Muddle Puddle

Welcome to Muddle Puddle, A little explanation as to who we are & what this BLOG is all about; We are wives & mothers. We all find ourselves jumping from one idea to the next never really settling for one thing hence we live in the muddle puddle of everyday life. Our ideas are always changing from different crafts & hobbies ranging from scrapbooking,photography,sewing,party planning to soy candles, some of us love to paint, some of us make jewellery,the list goes on. Muddle Puddle is a mix of MAD MUMS along with some of our kids (muddle) Who all love to do crafty things within our hectic lives, in our homes, in between school drop offs, pick ups, music lessons, dental appointments, homework help, some of us who homeschool, cooking dinners, making lunches, housework etc etc (puddle) This is all new to all of us so enjoy the journey with us. Enter the rollercoaster.

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